Terms and Conditions of use and service

                                                                                                             Legal information:


In accordance with the provisions of Civil Code (Chapter 16 and Chapter 12), Companies Act (Chapter 386), Copyright Act (Chapter 415), Copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market (Subsidiary Legislation 415.08), Rentout International Ltd. informs you that:

The present website and application are designed and published by Rentout International Ltd, a private limited company registered in Malta Business Center with a tax registration number of 972029327, and a registered address at no. 2 Geraldu Farrugia Street, Zebbug, Malta, ZBG4351.

Rentout is a car-sharing platform and app for car rental companies and individuals, offering through electronically services to worldwide drivers the largest car fleet in the Balkans. As a European company, Rentout International Ltd. is subject to Maltese and European law and cares about its users protection, privacy, and transparency.

The mobility infrastructure in the Balkans leaves much to be desired, and the proposed solutions are quite far from reducing the environmental impact. Our app and the international platform integrations will provide and guarantee to our users a variety of mobility services, by helping our planet feel better.

The unwavering objective of the Rentout is to put more than 100,000 cars to better use, thereby reducing millions of tons of CO2 emissions.

We take on and overcome challenges others deem impossible.

Please read our terms and conditions of use and services carefully, because these terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you as a user of our website, platform, apps, or services (collectively, “Platform) and Rentout International Ltd.

By reading and receiving these terms, users acknowledge they have received the necessary information prior to accessing, using and profiting from the Rentout International Ltd Platform.

Rentout International Ltd reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify the Platform or the to modify the Agreement, including these terms, at any time, If we decide to modify these terms, we will immediately post and notify our users the modifications of our terms and services. You have the right to close your account within 30 days, if the modified terms are not acceptable to you.

Rentout provides a car sharing platform and many network tools, to offers to worldwide users search, communicate, inform, pay, register, list and rent a car registered, matriculated and owned by Hosts in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Rentout International Ltd is an intermediary offering its platform to users willing to rent out their cars to worldwide clients / drivers, by paying them their rental and extra services price. Rentout International Ltd is no manner party of the agreement concluded between the Car Owners (Hosts) and the Renters (Clients / Drivers).

Rentout International Ltd does not rent out cars, vans or retro cars by the Platform or by any other means. We are committed to only connect our Users together for the only purpose of car rentals. Users can benefit from the Rentout International Ltd services, only by accepting present Terms and Conditions.

Rentout International Ltd. provides its Clients / Hosts many mobility services, tools, networking, fleet management, GPS & Telematics services, online payments etc.

It is important to understand, another agreement must be signed between a Clients and a Hosts, when a Client desires to rent a car from a Host. Such agreement, is called the rental agreement between parties and each party will sign and receive this agreement online, by accepting the Terms and Conditions through our Platform. The moment a Client (Driver) books a trip and accepts the terms at the end of the booking process, such agreement is legally signed between this Client and his Host. Then, when the Client will accept  the vehicle uploaded photos by his Host, such agreement will be automatically sent to their mail box, as a binding proof for such agreement between parties.

Our check in and check out process allows our users to upload and download photos, content, videos, documents related to their trip, car, or insurance plans cases.

Rentout International Ltd and its partners care about privacy and transparency, therefore we want you to be familiar with how we collect, use, process, and disclose your personal information. Our Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices in connection with our platform, website and mobile applications linked to this Privacy Policy. We ensure our user for their personal data usage to be in a lawful and transparent manner ensuring fairness towards our users whose personal data is being processed.


                                                                         ELIGIBILITY, REGISTRATION AND VERIFICATION PROCESS


      1. Eligibility

So that users can have access and use Rentout platform services, they must be an individual or legal entity registered and able to enter into legal binding agreements. In each case, both Clients (Drivers) and Hosts must have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Our platform services are intended only for users who meet our eligibility criteria’s in the location where the car is booked and Hosts who are older than 18 years old to own and list an eligible car.

A vehicle can be rented on Rentout Platform, if it is registered and listed by the owner of the vehicle or if a user have a public notary authorization from the owner of the vehicle to rent out their vehicle on Rentout (individual or a legal entity).

If a vehicles is on a leasing agreement, they will need to verify on their agreement the right to rent out such vehicle.

Our Clients (Drivers) as well must be at least 18 years old to be registered on our Platform, provide their true home address, phone number, have a valid identity document and a valid driving license to book a trip.

     2. Registration

Rentout International Ltd allows its guests to navigate, use partially and search for cars without being registered as a Client (Driver) to its platform and apps.

Meanwhile, in order to have full access to our platform and services, users must create an Account by providing us their first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, additional information about them, their official identity card or passport, and their driving license.

In order to pay the rental price, insurance services, telematics subscriptions, bank transaction fees and our platform fee, users must register the data of a credit or debit card. Such information will provide the financial amount for the requested services to every involved party.

The submitted information must be properly provided, to avoid account registration refusal by our partners or Rentout Team, such information and data is obligatory to automatically sign a legal agreement online with Rentout Platform, other Users, our Partners.

One users (individual or a legal entity), may not create more than 1 Account, or more than 1 listing on Rentout Platform. On the contrary, the legal entities have the opportunity under the same account to create Coworkers accounts for their employees, so they can easily manage their vehicles fleet.

After the creation of such personal account, a user must not share their login credentials to any third party. If such case is verified, Rentout will have the right to exclude such User from the Platform and take all the necessary legal action for such matter.

A user has the right to delete his Rentout profile account by simply pressing a button at the end of his profile. In such a case, the Rentout team will first verify if this user has an ongoing trip or any legal or financial obligation toward other users, partners, or the Rentout Platform, and then proceed with the account deletion. Before the account deletion request, a user must not have an ongoing trip or any legal or financial obligation to every party on the Rentout platform.

     3. Verification process

Rentout International Ltd has the right and the obligation to verify your profile registration, by assuring our partners and users with whom their agreement is legally signed. Rentout International Ltd may in its sole discretion use a third-party verification services to verify the information our user provide and you hereby authorize Rentout International Ltd request to receive, use, request and store such information.


                                                                                                        RENTAL PROCESS


Rentout International Ltd may but does not commit to undertake efforts to ensure the safety of the cars shared and registered through our platform, apps and services.

Rentout International Ltd does not make any confirm, endorse safety, roadworthiness or the legal status on any cars. These obligations are required to be held and assured by Rentout platform registered Hosts to ensure their vehicles are in safe and operable conditions, legally registered, insured by obligatory plans, properly registered and matriculated in Albania, Kosovo (not older than 10 years), North Macedonia or Montenegro. These cars must not exceed 3.5 tons or have less than 2 places or more than 8 places. These cars can be registered in the name of a company or an individual, who authorize this car to be legally rented within the legal obligations.

The Host (Car owner) before renting a car on Rentout platform will ensure their Clients (Drivers), the legal authorities, Rentout platform and its partners for :

  • The vehicle compliance with every directives, laws, regulations and decision to be rented on Rentout Platform.
  • The vehicle regularity maintenance and services are properly handled to be rented out on Rentout Platform.
  • The vehicle technical inspection approval to be up-to date by the public authorities and to be driven by a Host or a third party renting it.
  • The vehicle accurate status, listed information, photos, extra features, exact location and its extra services.
  • The vehicle taxes and mandatory insurance coverage in the country where the vehicle is rented.
  • The vehicle rented price and deposit amount will be the ones detailed on the Rentout platform invoice and agreement with the third party.
  • The vehicle real market value filled under the registration process on the Rentout platform. If such value is not accepted by our partners, it may be changed by their experts, by correcting the vehicle market value and automatically its coverage amount by the insurance companies on Rentout Platform.
  • Their polite and respectful behavior, communication and ethics toward Rentout platform users and its staff.
  • The vehicle photos uploaded before every rental begins and when it end up till 24h. If this period will end, and a Host has not yet uploaded live photos of the vehicle condition, than such Hosts cannot directly request to their Clients (Drivers) the proper fees in case of a damaged vehicle, police ticket or a deposit, violation and refund fee from our policies. In each case, Rentout team will support our users for the proper solution to each party.
  • The supporting proofs, documents and information on their vehicle upon Rentout staff requests.

Rentout International Ltd platform offers a detailed Check in and Check out process, by allowing our Host to upload live photos before the rental begin and after the return of the car by our Clients. This process allows to our partners, users and our team to better verify every request, complain and avoid every issue between parties.

Our Hosts may share and rent their car through our services to earn incomes without paying any fees to Rentout International Ltd for the first 2 years from the platform operability. Each Host has its own responsibility for complying all the legal requirements, maintaining and cleaning their cars before, during and after the rental. Rentout International Ltd has no responsibility for shared and rented cars or any belongings.


Clients (Drivers) must be at least 18 years old on our Platform, provide their true home address, phone number, have a valid identity document and a valid driving license to book a trip. As a Client (Driver), you commit that you will be legally licensed driver and provide proof to Rentout team for your valid driver’s license. First you need to be registered as a user by providing to us your Identity card and your driver license, then other information will be required to accomplish your profile verification. This information is important for all parties

Clients (Drivers) must have not defaulted on any payments, or refused any payment under our Terms and Conditions obligations for their Rental.

Client (Drivers) must have a valid means of payment at the time of the Rental booking process and until the end of the Rental, to legally end the rental agreement with their Host, Rentout platform and Rentout partners.

If a vehicle will be rented on Rentout Platform, Clients (Drivers) must pay, If requested :

  • The amount of the rental to the Host bank account (Car owner)
  • The insurance plan to the insurance company
  • The road assistance services
  • The service fee to Rentout International Ltd.
  • The extra services or pickup and delivery services requested from the Host
  • The violation fees to the Host bank account
  • Freeze the security deposit amount by Rentout International Ltd for the hole rental period.

In order to respect our Hosts cars, avoid violation fees and extras fees, you commit to treat, take the reasonable measures and return your vehicle on time and in the same conditions as received.

The Client that booked a trip on Rentout International platform is financially responsible for all theft or physical damages. This responsibility applies whether the Client has bought or not an car insurance plan, depending of the plan and its conditions. There are no insurance plans, for the moment, that might cover your responsibility if the car is being stolen, so please be careful. Then our guest, can limit up to 100%, their responsibility if the car is being damaged due to an accident or not, by buying our insurance plans online.

Client (Drivers) must be medically fit to rent and drive a vehicle on Rentout platform.

Client (Drivers) who have committed any road traffic offences, road accident or a criminal offence with the rented vehicle, must immediately notify Rentout support team and the public authorities for such matters.

Our Clients (Drivers) only are responsible for lost, stolen or left property, belongings in the car, or if the car is taken or damages during a trip. If an accident happens or if the car is damaged, the Client must immediately report it online through our platform and apps, to our Hosts, our team and partners. In order to communicate with our support center or directly contact us, you need to do it online within the app, in the section “Contact Support”.

Client (Drivers) who have been subject to more than 2 complaints by Rentout Platform Hosts, for them misbehavior, driver license revoked, vehicle damages, misleading information’s, Rentout team and partners offensives, can be immediately un registered from Rentout Platform and legally pursued in justice for such matters by Rentout International Ltd, or its Hosts and partners.

Insurance and protection plans on Rentout Platform are provided by different insurance companies. Rentout International Ltd is not an insurance company and does not insure Hosts or Clients (Drivers). Hosts and Clients (Drivers) must comply with our insurance companies Terms and Conditions to profit from their insurance plans. Such insurance coverage is provided by our partnership agreements with different insurance companies in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. Every Host or Client (Driver) must sign an online agreement through our platform with these insurance companies to profit from their services. The insurance company will not cover the vehicle expenses in case of vehicle theft. Rentout International Ltd is only an intermediary displaying such services through our Platform to protect and cover our users.

Vehicle protection, theft or its belongings

Rentout International Ltd is a company offering many mobility services through the listed vehicles by our Hosts on the Rentout Platform for Users to rent out their vehicles and receive from the Rental its financial profits. Rentout International Ltd will not, in any case, assure, cover, pay for our Users or their vehicles damages, theft, or accidents, belongings or the health of the Drivers and passengers traveling with it. We offer many insurance plans and telematics services through our partners, which will help our users to be covered and protected during all their rental.

If the Client (Driver) fails to return the vehicle booked at the time and place registered and listed by our Hosts, the Host must immediately call Rentout Support team and the police authorities.

If a Client (Driver) have booked a vehicle through our Platform and it goes missing or stolen during the reservation period, you must immediately file a police report, return the key to the Host and notify Rentout Platform support team no more than 12 hours after discovering it and fully collaborate with our Hosts and support team to help such investigation.


                                                                                               PROHIBITIED ACTIVITES

In connection with our Users for access to the Rentout Platform, users agree that you will not, nor advocate, encourage, request, or assist any third party to:

Violate any law or regulation, including:

  • Breach or violate state, territorial, regional, or international directive, or national law, regulation, or any order of a court, including, without limitation, airport regulations and tax regulations, licensing or registration requirements, or third-party rights.
  • Post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, content or information.
  • Reproduce, perform, display, distribute, reverse, or prepare erivative works from content that belongs to or is licensed to Rentout, or that comes from the Platform and belongs to another Rentout user or to a third party, except with prior express written permission of Rentout International Ltd.

Dilute or harm the Rentout International Ltd brand and patents in any way, including through unauthorized use of the Platform and its content by

  • Registering or using “Rentout” or similar terms in domain names, trade names, trademarks, social media account names, or other means of identification or otherwise that can closely imitate or are confusingly similar to Rentout.

Provide or submit any false or misleading information, including:

  • False and last name, date of birth, driver’s license details, payment method, insurance, or other personal information
  • In relation to a claim (for example about damage to a vehicle, police ticket etc.)
  • Falsifying any person or entity, or otherwise misrepresenting themselves or their affiliation with any other person or entity

Fail to honor their Rentout Platform commitments, including:

  • Fail to pay fees, violation penalties, refunds, security deposits amounts or other amounts owed to Rentout International Ltd, its partners or any of its Users in accordance to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Use the Platform to find a host or client, and then complete a transaction partially or wholly independent of the Platform, for any reason including the obligation to pay any fees related to the provision of the Platform by Rentout International Ltd.
  • Leave a vehicle unlocked or running with the keys inside.
  • Harm or threaten to harm users of our community.
  • Commercialize any content found on the Rentout Platform or software associated with the Platform including reviews without our consent.
  • Collect and reproduce information about users without their and our consent.
  • Recruit any user to join third-party services, websites, platform, apps that are competitive to Rentout International Ltd, without our prior written approval.

Intervene with the operation of the Platform, including by:

  • Interfering with any other user’s listings.
  • Using the Platform services to post and send unsolicited commercial messages, send unsolicited emails, viruses, spam, Trojan horses, harmful code, re-routing e-mails, address information that my inflict Rentout Platform or our Hosts and partner properties and systems.
  • Systematically retrieving data or other content from the Platform or otherwise without our consent.
  • Attempting to scan, or test the vulnerability of any of our Platform system or network or breach any security or authentication measures.

                                                                                                              FEES AND TAXES

Rentout International Ltd will charge its Clients (Drivers) for using the Platform services and every fee, extra service fee, bank transaction fee or taxes are transparently displayed in your booking invoice, our website, our platform, our apps and agreement with our partners and Hosts. You can verify the amount before, during and after you book your trip. When you will provide Rentout International Ltd a payment method, it means you authorize Rentout International Ltd or third party service providers acting on behalf of Rentout International Ltd to store and process your payment credentials for balances, including for the Clients (Drivers) rental amount, Rentout Platform fees, balances, security deposits, violation fees, refunds and cancellations, claims, administrative fees or insurance plans, administrative and tax fees. In every case you will be properly notified for every matter.

The Clients (Drivers) agree that Rentout Platform, via its payment administrators (Skrill, Revolut or Stripe), will perform a pre-authorization on the Client (Driver) bank account thought their debit or credit cards.  A pre-authorization is temporary hold of funds on a credit or debit card and not an amount debited from the bank account. Such process is needed to assure our Hosts and partners the booking funds are available from the Client (Driver) and the agreement can be signed online.

When the rental will end, Rentout International Ltd will unblock and refund such funds to the Client (Driver) bank account within  5 -7 days.

Payments are due as soon as the payment request is due by Rentout Platform and its payment administrator.

Rentout International Ltd and its service providers will employ all legal methods to collect addition to the amount due, to collection agencies, legal counsel, fraudulent accounts or chargebacks.

Regarding taxes, Rentout International Ltd services fees collected by us, will be visible to every trip invoice, document or contract. If the EU or the Maltese institutions will request to Rentout International Ltd additional information regarding our Hosts and Clients gross payments and services fees we are obliged by the law to provide them this information (DAC7).

The incomes Hosts make on Rentout International Ltd platforms are taxable and you are responsible for declaring your earnings in a timely manner. Rentout is not a financial institution and neither a tax professionals team, therefore we are unable to provide tax advices to you. However, if you are unclear and eager to resolve these matter, we encourage you to consult a tax experts or our tax partners at RSM Albania, RSM Kosovo, RSM North Macedonia.


                                                                                 DATA PROTECTION AND CONTENT APPROVAL

 Rentout International Ltd will have the legal right to use, view, copy, adapt, modify, transfer, distribute, publicly display, transmit or exploit the content you make available through our services, campaigns etc. We will not claim or request the ownership of such content by our users and we will respond to requests of alleged copyright infringement and delete Rentout International Ltd accounts according to the Maltese and EU laws. If you suspect about anything suspicious or if anyone is violating your copyrights, please notify us here [email protected].

Our users have the right to data portability, that is to receive from Rentout the personal data they provided in a structured machine-readable format, and have it transmitted to another company or organization. The right may only be exercised where personal data was collected in the context of a contract or on the basis of consent, and such data is processed by automated means. Please submit these request by mail to [email protected]. Within 1 month our team will reply to you regarding your personal data request.

Our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives to our users the right to ask for their data to be deleted and we have the obligation to do so, except in the following cases:

  • Your personal data is needed to exercise the right of freedom of expression;
  • There is a legal obligation to keep that data;
  • For reasons of public interests and if it has undergone an appropriate process of anonymization (for example public health, scientific, statistical or historical research purposes).

Our users may contact us, through our platforms, to exercise their right under the GDPR (rights of access, erasure, rectification, portability, etc.) Rentout International Ltd will register and reply without undue delay, and in principle within 1 month of the receipt of the request. We can ask you for additional information in order to confirm the identity of the person making the request. The request made by our users through our platforms will be carried out free of charge. If such request is unfounded or excessive, in particular because of their repetitive character, we may charge you a reasonable fee or refuse to act.

Any individual or users have the right to object the processing of personal data for specific reasons. If such a specific situation exists, it must be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Individuals or users also have the right to object at any time to the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes. Direct marketing is understood under the GDPR as any action by our company to communicate advertising or marketing material, aimed at particular individuals. We assure you such personal data will not be used, at any case, for direct marketing purposes without your consent.

When our users requests access to their personal data, Rentout International Llc must :

  • Confirm whether or not it is processing personal data concerning them;
  • Provide a copy of the personal data it holds about them;
  • Provide information about the processing (such as purposes, categories of personal data, recipient, etc.)

Up to the user request, Rentout will provide to him/her a copy of their personal data free of charge. However, a reasonable fee can be charged for further copies.

If requested by our users, Rentout will also support you with the right to obtain your data portability and transmit it to another organization, or delete, restrict or object your personal data on request.

Based on our Privacy Policies and Term of Use, we guarantee our users that we do not sell personal information to third parties and we do not sold personal information from our company creation till now and we will not do so even in the future.

These rules only apply to personal data about individuals. However, information in relation to one-person companies may constitute personal data where it allows the identification of a natural person.

For your information, your data is stored for the shortest time possible. That period takes in consideration the reasons why Rentout needs to process your data, as well as any legal obligations to keep the data for a fixed period of time.

Rentout time limit to erase or review the data stored is no longer than necessary for the purposes of which that data was collected.


                                                                                                        THE DATA WE COLLECT

Your personal data will only be processed where it isn’t reasonably feasible to carry out the processing in another manner. Where personal data is needed, to sign an e-contract, to obtain our platform services etc., it will be adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary for the purpose.

The personal information you give to us is as follow:

  • Account and profile data, when you register for an account with us, our platform will require some personal information such as your name, email address, password, phone number, driver license number (date of issuance and issuing country), photos, date of birth, identity verification information (national ID card / passport). All the above requested data is needed to sign your rental contract with our Hosts, your insurance contract with our partners and to profit from our platform services as a subscriber by paying your fee to help and run our platform.
  • Payment data, is collected (digital payment details, bank account or payment card numbers) by one or more third party international payment service providers or digital payments companies.
  • Vehicle data is collected to list your car in our platform and gain passive incomes from it. A vehicle identification number, availability dates, reviews and vehicle photos are constantly collected to provide to our Clients the most accurate information regarding your vehicle and protect your vehicle with our insurance plans.
  • Communications and information, we collect information about your communication you choose to provide and share with our Hosts. When you choose to participate in a user research initiatives, we also collect information you provided to us.

Personal information we automatically collect through Rentout platform:

Device Data, Usage Data, Location Data and Trip Data will be collected from you, due to your interactions with our platform services, such as website page, content, log-in history, searches, bookings, precise device location, how long you spent on a page, operating system, IP address, general location information, state, city, dates, amount charged and other trip details etc.

Vehicle device data, if you as a Host requested to install our Telematics Devices, in order to protect you vehicle from being stolen or knowing if your client is respecting your vehicles rules, we may collect, only during a reserved trip, certain information such as location, fuel level, odometer reading, car battery voltage, engine state, door state and VIN number etc.

When you access our platform and services, we may place some small data files on your computer browser or associated application called as cookies, clear gifts, flash cookies.

Rentout International Ltd collect third party data from other services. These services can provide to us information such as profile registration information from Google or Apple. The information we may receive varies by the relevant service, and Rentout International Ltd can have access to this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for how these third parties use and share your information.

Then, data relating to religion, politics, health, etc. is not collected by Rentout International Ltd.

As a car sharing platform, Rentout, needs to process personal data in order to carry out tasks related to our activities. The processing of personal data in that context is legally justified by our legal obligations or carried out to execute the terms of your car rental contract, insurance contracts, subscription contract with our platform, telematics services contracts and online parking reservation and payment contracts etc.

Your data is retained in Europe and will not leave its border for the whole time and we will not share it with third parties. Our technical staff, physical, data protection officer and designed platform is there to protect you 24/7 against unauthorized access, destruction or alternations while you are with us. However, no method of transmitting or storing information can be 100% secure but we’ll do our best to guarantee the security of your personal information.


As a user (Host or Driver / Client) of Rentout International Ltd Platform (App / Platform / Services), you agree that you will not, nor encourage, assist, request any third party to violate any law as follow:

  • Post misleading, false and defamatory content.
  • Violate any national, international law, regulation, directives.
  • Display, reproduce or distribute content that belongs to Rentout International. Ltd.
  • Register, provide, submit, use or copy similar domains, name trades, trademarks, social media names that might confuse our users or mislead our team with wrongful information.
  • The misleading information as a false name, date of birth, driver permit, payment method, insurance proof or any other information that might harm the right to properly claim and resolve any matter requested by our users.
  • By registering or falsifying a Rentout account on behalf of another individual other than yourself.



                                                                                                      OTHER LEGAL TERMS

                                                                   VIOLATION, REFUNDS AND SECURITY DEPOSIT POLICIES


When our Hosts requires it, Rentout platform automatically freeze a security deposit based on the vehicle type and other rules of the requested trip. When you book a vehicle a security deposit is blocked 48h before your rental will begin.

If the vehicle is an economy or standard type, then the security deposit can be fixed by our Hosts from 0  to 550 euros. This security deposit is freeze from a debit or a credit card.  Otherwise, if the vehicle is a Luxury or Retro type (manufactured 30 or more years ago), then it is up to our Hosts to fix the amount of their security deposit more than 550 euros.

The security deposit may be debited in case of damages to the vehicle or to cover additional fees as a police ticket, fuel, late return, cleaning fees etc.

The security deposit, is automatically released after 3 to 5 days from the end of your rental, if there are no claims from the Host of the rented vehicle within 24h.

Rentout will automatically refund the security deposit 48h-72h after your trip ends, if you meet all the following criteria :

  • The Host hasn’t reported any vehicle damage;
  • You have paid any eligible reimbursement invoice or police penalty related to your trip;
  • You did not leave the country of the rental company / individual without the Host consent;
  • You did not passed the rental period more than 29 minutes, after the supposed return of the vehicle;

In case of cancellation by the Client 24h before the rental begins, the security deposit is released immediately.

Please note that some banks can take an additional 5 to 7 days before showing the released deposit on your bank account.


Deposit for trips in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia

  • Economy and Standard vehicles 0 to 350 euro, depending of the vehicle production year.
  • Luxury and up scales vehicles 0 to 550 euro, depending of the vehicle production year.

          B. VILATION FEES by Clients:


  1. Cancellation fee (outside the free period): If your trip is 2 days or shorter you will need to pay the price of the first day and trip free. If your trip was longer than two days, we’ll charge you two day’s trip price and trip fee. In case you have request a delivery or a pickup services from your Host, we’ll charge you half of the delivery fee.
  2. No-show Client fee – If your trip is 2 days or shorter, we’ll charge you 50% of your trip amount and trip fee. If your trip is longer than 2 days, we’ll charge you 2 days trip price and trip fee. In case you have request a delivery or a pickup services from your Host, we’ll charge you half of the delivery fee.
  3. Cleaning policy violation fee – If you return your car in a degraded conditions or dirty enough in order to have caused some damages to it, we may charge you up to 50 euros violation fee. We may also remove you from Rentout Platform.
  4. Policy violation fee – If you make a payment outside of Rentout platform for charges meant to be paid via the platform, we may charge you a 100 euro penalty fee and remove you from Rentout Platform.
  5. Late return fee- If you return a vehicle from 30 min to 23 hours more of past scheduled trip time, your Host may request your rental daily fee, in addition to the cost your additional use of the vehicle. If, the car is not reserved the next day, you can use still drive it (if the Host will agreed to it). If not, you must return it to the Host and pay the rental daily fee as a penalty.
  6. Inappropriate location return – Your Host, may request to charge you from 20 to 100 euros fee, in addition to an inappropriate location return, farther than 1 to 100 km.
  7. No smoking of violation fee – Neither you nor your passengers may smoke in any vehicle prohibited by our Hosts to smoke inside the vehicle. If you do not respect this policy and your Host provides us eligible evidence of smoking, we’ll charge you, in behalf of our Host a 50 euros violation smoking fee (the requested fee to properly clean the vehicle).
  8. No animal and pet violation fee – Neither you nor your passengers may bring inside the vehicle prohibited by our Hosts rules. If you do not respect this policy and your Host provides us eligible evidence of animal and pet violation rule, we’ll charge you, in behalf of our Host a 50 euros fee (the requested fee to properly clean the vehicle).


         Note:  If you buy a “full insurance plan” / “Super Plan”, there is no need to charge a security deposit.


You can cancel your rental free of charge, as follows:

  1. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the start of your rental, you will receive a full refund.
  2. If you cancel at least 23 hours 59 minutes before the start of your rental, you will be refunded for half of your 2 days rental payment.
  3. If you cancel after your rental was supposed to start, you will not be fully refunded, but 2 days of your rental fees will be transferred to the Host of the rented vehicle and you’ll get the rest of your money refunded within 5-7 days. In case you have request a delivery or a pickup services from your Host, we’ll charge you half of the delivery fee.
  4. If the Host doesn’t show up or the car does not exist anymore, the vehicle did not match at all the listing, you experienced a case of force majeure, you will be fully refunded.
  5. If the Client (Driver) wishes to modify its trip, he / she can do it only if the payment has not been already processed by Rentout International Ltd. The Client (Driver) can modify its extra services, pickup and delivery services or the insurance plans, but not the trip dates etc. if the payment has been processed.

Note: Please note that, if the Host of the car contest your cancellation, your refund will take longer, in order for us to suspend it, while our team find the best solution for each parties involved.

Usually a refund process by the bank, can take up to 7 working days. For every case above, you will be notified with the proper document or receipt.

If you will contest the applied fees, you must submit a request within 24 to 48 hours and bring evidence supporting your request. If this delay will pass, we cannot open a refund request and we will assist you to find an arrangement with the Host directly.

If you cancel, 23 hours 59 minutes before your trip, or during your trip etc., the bank transactions fees needs to be paid by you.


                                                                                                    DISPUTE RESOLUTION

Dispute resolution for Hosts and Clients (Drivers) residing in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro or in European Union member states.

Subject to applicable directives, law or regulation, The Users registered on Rentout Platform agrees that any disputes or claims between Rentout International Ltd relating in any way to, arising out of these Terms and Conditions, the use of access to the services, any breach or enforcement, or termination of the Agreement and them, will be solved in accordance and with the provisions of the Maltese and European laws.

Pre-arbitration dispute resolution, between Rentout International Ltd and any User of the Platform can be properly resolved in advance if the other Party should request, claim or dispute such matter by contacting us at [email protected].  First, the user must notify us for such matter and we will attempt to negotiate an informal resolution to it first. If possible, please provide to us all the information, proof, evidence and photos for such claims, dispute or request so that we might assist you properly and resolve the matter by avoiding pursue in court.

If a user initiate an arbitration procedure, he / she will be responsible for certain costs of arbitration proceedings and attorney’s fees and expenses. Such expenses can vary from 300 euros to 25.000 euros (the relief sought).

Governing law of such Terms and Agreements are the laws of the Republic of Malta and the European Union.



Users may discontinue to use our Platform services at any time on Rentout Platform, by deleting their account and removing all their listing and information for any reasons.

Termination of access to the Platform or the account deletion will not release any User from any of their obligations. Rentout International may retain and continue to use any of information even after this request for the account deletion. The termination of the Agreement will not have any effect on the disclaimers, waivers, or liability limitations, or legal disputes provisions under this agreement, fees, and all the terms will be valid to such termination of the Agreement.

We are committed to serve you 24/7 and resolve all of your requests, claims and support and we thank you for being part of the largest car sharing community in the Balkans and using Rentout International Ltd platform.

Version published on June 3rd, 2024.